Hi, I'm Casey

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I am a 3rd generation Huntington Beach resident. My grandfather moved his young family here after serving as an Army Doctor in the Korean War. My Mother was raised here and went to Harbour View Elementary and Marina High School. 

I also attended Harbour View Elementary, Circle View Elementary, Marina High School, OCC and graduated from the Marshall School of Business at USC. I grew up sailing at the Hunting Harbor Yacht Club, was a Junior Philharmonic Member, played tennis at Marina and Ice Hockey at Side by Side rink on Gothard and still play hockey to this day. I am a lifelong Huntington Beach resident and small business owner that specializes in renovating retail shopping centers. I bought a home here 2 years ago so that my wife and I could raise a family and carry on our lifelong Huntington Beach heritage to future generations. 


2019 was the toughest year of my life as my young beautiful bride Josephine, was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. Our journey to remission and survival changed my world. I understand and appreciate more the value of family, neighbors, our community, and how critical it is to ensure they are protected and cherished. 

I look at how my Mother has run her local small business, Pier Plaza Art Afaire, since I was in middle school. How ingrained my Step-Father's business, The Beef Palace Butcher Shop, is in the community, being a staple Huntington Beach business since 1970, and it motivates me to get involved and give back. 

To protect the freedoms, values, and ideals that make Huntington Beach one of the best cities in the world. 


I was nominated by Mayor Lyn Semeta to be on the Investment Advisory Board and I was recently appointed to the Huntington Beach Finance Commission. Through that experience with City Hall, I realized I want to do more, step up and answer the call to serve my community.

I grew up here, I passionately love this City and I don't like where we are going as a society where everyone is divisive and unable to have civil debates. I truly believe with the right people in place, we can put aside political differences and focus on solving the local issues that affect our everyday lives. Let's make sure we take care of HB and it's residents first. Then we can focus on bigger issues. 

The best communities are locally run. I feel it's important that local citizens, who are invested in the wellbeing of the community, are responsible for steering the City's direction for years to come; not outside special interest groups. 

I respectfully request your vote for Huntington Beach City Council.