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Preserving Our Local Control


Local Control

Let’s fight to preserve HB’s Local Control as a Charter City which grants us Constitutional rights that protect us from Sacramento’s overreach and forced High Density Housing mandates. We know what’s right for our City, what issues we face. It is up to us to decide how we fix our problems, not a one size fits all directive from Sacramento. Let’s maintain that the City is locally run by H.B. residents that are invested in the well being of the community, not outside special interest groups. I will fight to protect Huntington Beach from irresponsible development to ensure our City remains a suburban beach community that protects our open spaces. I am uniquely qualified to tackle and defend this issue as a retail shopping center renovator.

Local Economy

Our City took a major revenue hit from the pandemic with businesses being shut down, so I will focus on reviving our economy, bringing back tourism dollars, hotel reservation fees and giving our small businesses the resources they need to thrive. I strongly support small business, as evidenced by my family’s butcher shop, The Beef Palace, which has been an iconic business of Huntington Beach since 1970. Alongside several small business owners, we have created the Small Business Alliance of Huntington Beach that focuses on ensuring our small business owners are united and have the support they need from the City to allow them to be successful.

Public Safety-Transparency

Being a resident of Southeast Huntington, I know we have a lot of big issues: Ascon, AES Power Plant, Tank Farms, Poseidon and homelessness. It has been awhile since someone from Southeast Huntington has had a seat on the City Council. It is important that we have a voice to ensure these issues remain in focus. Let's also coordinate to have the City, Community and our Churches work together to tackle the root problem of our Homelessness Crisis instead of just throwing money at the problem.


The current level of Transparency between our Local Government and the residents is unacceptable. Now is the time to involve the residents in their local government to ensure they have a seat at the table so their voices are heard and their solutions to solving our problems are taken into account. All government activities need to be out in the open and not done in Closed Session through Ad Hoc Committees. Local government works for the residents and tax payers so our Elected officials need to listen to their constituent's concerns.


I pledge to be accessible to all of our residents. Anything less is unacceptable. ​Please support me with your vote so that I can be your conduit and voice on the Huntington Beach City Council.

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